What Summer Maintenance Does My Car Need?

With the summer months arriving, it is important to consider the health of your vehicle. At our dealership, we work hard to offer drivers the service that they need to keep moving forward. Whether you are in need of routine maintenance or repair, you can easily schedule a service with our team. Additionally, our team has put together a list of the top three care tips you should have performed on your vehicle.
Top Three Summer Car Care Tips
Inspect Your Tires:Winter can be hard on your vehicle’s tires. Whether you utilize all-season tires or winter tires during the cold month, you will want to inspect or change them. Check your tread and overall health of your tires to ensure you can navigate summer safely.Change Your Oil:The health of your engine is important. If it has been over 5,000 miles or three months since your last oil change, you will want to schedule an oil change at our service center. Our team utilizes the proper oil and oil filter for your vehicle. That way, you know the job is being done right.Clean Your Car:It can be difficult to keep your vehicle clean when it is cold outside. Giving your car a good wash and cleaning out the interior can put new life into your ride. Which is something that you are likely to appreciate.
Whether you are in search of genuine MOPAR parts or are in need of automotive maintenance, our dealership is ready to help. Schedule your service online today and ensure the health of your vehicle throughout the summer months.
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